Disinfection – Oxidation – Circulation

When Elise and I present our 2-Day CPO classes away from our home base in Anaheim (as we did this past Thursday and Friday, September 23-24  in Riverside), we usually travel the day before and arrive mid-afternoon.  This gives us time to set up the classroom, check everything out and be fully ready for the next morning — the first day of class.  We typically stay two nights, […]

Disinfection - Oxidation - Circulation

Pool Water Chemistry – Disinfection and Balance

We had another full house in San Diego at our CPO class this past Thursday and Friday, September 9-10.   It was an interesting group of  property managers, facility maintenance personnel, pool guys, and a few newcomers to the industry. Pool water chemistry — understanding it is most important for the Certified Pool/Spa Pool operator.   It can  can be thought of in two distinct and […]

Pool Water Chemistry - Disinfection and Balance

How Much Water is in that Pool?

We were given an opportunity to present our CPO class material to the swimming pool maintenance crew at Archstone Apartments in San Diego at their La Jolla training center this past Thursday and Friday, July 29-30 and WOW!–what a beautiful place!!  Archstone is a nationwide property management company for apartments and other commercial properties.  It was a great class in La Jolla and a great venue, too! […]

How Much Water is in that Pool?

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Killed Her

Did you ever hear of a bacteria, called Pseudomonas aeruginosa? (soo-da-no-mas  aw-ridge-i-nos-a). Wow–those Greek words are tough to pronounce, aren’t they!! Well, it is an “opportunistic pathogen,”  meaning, it actively seeks entry into the body.  When it does enter the bloodstream (maybe through an open wound) , it is very difficult to diagnose and kill with antibiotics–thus, the reason why it can be so dangerous! This […]

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Killed Her

Drowning – A Tragic Statistic

Spring and sunshine are here!  And our class in Anaheim, March 25-26 2010, was “a buzz’n” with guys from all over California:  Palmdale, Palm Springs, Warner Springs, Pomona and all over Orange County.  Many of them came as strangers, but left as buddies, friends, and colleagues in the pool industry.  One student had a background very similar to mine:  he came from the corporate world of computer […]

Drowning - A Tragic Statistic

Why The Dog Died – Monrovia CA, February 2010

Our first presentation on Fundamental Pool Water Chemistry (oops, I meant, “Why the Dog Died”) was given at the Superior Pool Products store in Monrovia, CA, on February 8, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. The store manager, Erik Hoeckmann, excitedly volunteered his store for this class, he swept up the class area, set up chairs and brought in refreshments.  The HASA representative doing a “Table Top” […]

Why The Dog Died - Monrovia CA, February 2010