About Another Perfect Pool

Why CPO Certification Classes?

Here at Another Perfect Pool we have a passion for healthy water and aquatic education. Our main goals are to keep the pools we service safe and clean. Educating other Certified Pool/Spa Operators in proper procedure and technique is just another way to achieve that previously mentioned goal. Here is a little more history on Another Perfect Pool and its co-owners Steve and Elise Donohoe.


Company History

Another Perfect Pool had its beginnings as “The Mission” pool service in 2003. That mission was to provide a service that stood out among all others: to give our customers “Another Perfect Pool”. After a few years, we just decided to make it simple; we changed our name to Another Perfect Pool and incorporated under the name of Hupomone Services Inc. We are:

Personal History

Steve and Elise

Steve and Elise

Steve Donohoe is a native Nebraskan (and is, by the way, an enthusiastic Cornhusker fan!). He has been married for 16 years to Elise Donohoe, a native Texan (just in case you were wondering about her Southern accent!).

After graduating from high school, Steve joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to Okinawa working as an electronic warfare equipment technician. After that assignment, he moved to El Paso and worked on the mission equipment of airborne surveillance aircraft.

Steve decided to waive his Army re-enlistment after 8 years of service and instead pursued a college education. He attended East Texas State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Physics/Computer Engineering.

In the following years while working up the corporate ladder, Steve discovered his love for teaching and taught evening classes for six years as an adjunct instructor at a local community college, teaching Intel’s 8088 microprocessor assembly language and computer architecture.

Initially beginning as a computer programmer after college, Steve steadily moved forward into software engineering management, not only at Tandy Corporation, but also at AST Computers and Gateway Computers in Fort Worth.

In 2000, Gateway closed their satellite office in Fort Worth and relocated to Lake Forest, California where Steve worked as a Senior Manager of Software Operations. Then in 2002, Gateway decided to close that facility entirely and move their corporate headquarters to Poway, resulting in the lay-off of over 300 people—Steve was one of the casualties.

After many months of job searching and really desiring to start his own business, Steve began to look at corporate models and realized a residential pool service company was the one that best fit the business model he was seeking. Owning Another Perfect Pool, since 2003, has allowed Steve to utilize his corporate management talent, engineering skills and love of people and the outdoors to serve his customers. He is a licensed California contractor and member of several pool service organizations where he stays in close contact with other pool service companies and stays up to date on industry trends. He is also a Certified Pool Operator and a Certified Pool Operator Instructor, holding several classes per year in southern California teaching  the pool service industry and operators in aquatic health and safety.

Elise has an associate’s degree in Psychology and a business background as an administrative assistant to many corporate executives. Thus, she brings additional corporate skills in administration, marketing, legal affairs, human resources, and finance to their company.

Steve and Elise have a blended family of five grown children, all but one of whom lives in Nebraska and Texas, and they have 8 beautiful grandchildren.