Step into Swim – NSPF’s campaign to help grow our industry

Step into Swim

Goto the "Step into Swim" web site

The National Swimming Pool Foundation launched a 10 year campaign to teach more people to swim and to get more people into swimming pools.  The Foundation believes that swimming will help bring down healthcare inflation costs, improve qualities of life and health, and help with the obesity problem in our country.

Getting more people into swimming pools will surely help grow our industry!  So get involved!

Read the full press release here.

The white paper here. – Please read the “Call to action” at the end of the paper.

And go to the website here.


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One Response to “Step into Swim – NSPF’s campaign to help grow our industry”

  1. Mike Baker says:

    Teaching kids to swim will help prevent drownings, it’s very healthy, and it’s great for the industry. It’s not a Win Win, It’s a tripple Win!!

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