First Class in Canoga Park, October 9-10, 2009

We held our CPO class in Canoga Park for the first time at Pool Corp’s SUPERIOR Pool Supply distribution center this past Friday and Saturday, October 9-10, 2009.

Elise gettin' Everything set-up in Canoga Park

Elise getting everything set up in Canoga Park.

What a GREAT venue!  Canoga Park’s Branch Manager, Dave Huber, and his crew provided us with the entire second floor of their building!…..0pen space, plenty of tables and chairs, and a separate area for our hospitality layout.  Thanks a lot guys.  We hope you will have us back!

Our students were as diverse as ever:  independent pool guys, builders, a pool operator from a nearby major water park, and an aquatics facility manager from the City of Malibu — all participated, gave good feedback and did well.  We had a good time.

A special thanks to Robert Sanders and Operations Manager, Tom Green, for opening up early and staying after closing to accommodate us.

Tom Is That You?

Hey, Tom--Is That You?

After class ended on Saturday,  we had the privilege to spend some time chatting with Tom for a while.  We asked for his picture, but discovered he is extremely camera shy.  We also learned that he is a die-hard Philadelphia Eagle’s fan.  So we did a bit of research — and may have found his picture anyway …….


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